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FED BY WATER™ is a brand new concept restaurant offering authentic, traditional Italian plant based cuisine with the objective of bringing the nutritional importance of pure water to the public conscience.

FED encourages healthy, ethical and sustainable living while also appealing to the most discerning foodies!



Please note we are working on updating our website. Shortly we will release a new version richer in content!



11 AM to 11 PM


Soon our blog posts will be out on a regular basis to ensure you don't regret having gone VEGAN.

Also a PRODUCT TO GO section which will feature our home-made products you can take home with you!
Stay tuned !

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We value our customers feedback and wish for them to enjoy the best possible service experience at our restaurant and this can only be achieved if our staff enjoy working here.

We would like to be very transparent on how we distribute service charges which gets spread amongst employees benefits.

Our policy is to provide better than average fringe benefit packages and a reward scheme for those that do best. All of our employees have a regular contract and none are on a 0 hour contract. While there is no legal requirement for restaurants to pass on any of the service charges to staff, we have elected to provide higher than average wages, believing that this is a better way of encouraging and retaining quality performance. We believe this is a significant improvement over the practice of paying staff a minimum wage and relying for the rest on service charges, as is common in many London establishments. Additionally, staff benefits also include the choice of a menu meal on each shift (not a common practice at London restaurants), as well as unlimited non-alcohol drinks together with other benefits.

Finally, our employees take home, on average, more than the recommended London living wage which already is far higher then typical wage of a London restaurant worker. The entire team also splits cash tips and gratuities equally (including the kitchen).

Thank you for your understanding,

Sincerely FED Management

Alcohol & Cake policy

Dear Customers,

Just so you know, we do not allow any outside food or beverages, including cakes and alcohol to be consumed in our restaurant.
We sell alcohol on site and If you would like a celebration cake please get in contact and our chefs will make one special just for you upon your request.

Please be aware that we adhere to challenge 25 in regards to alcohol, so if you are lucky enough to look underage please be aware you will need to bring ID.

Dog policy

Dear Customers,

Due to recent misunderstandings we have suspended access to dogs. We are very sorry but we cannot manage a situation which could lead to customers complaints. We hope you understand."

Latest update, Friday 12th May 2017

Dear Customers,

As from January 2017 dogs will be allowed to enter the premises if accompanied by a responsible handler only during specific hours. We ask that only small to medium sized, well behaved and well socialised dogs come with you on your visit to FED and that they are kept on a lead at all times.

To ensure the happiness and well-being of your fluffy friends we will only be allowing dogs to dine with us on weekdays between 11am and 6pm. This is due to the fact evenings and weekends get quite hectic and we wouldn't the pooches to get stressed out or have their tails trodden on.

Please bare in mind that you are responsible for your pup and for keeping them under control, if either you or your fluff prove to be a nuisance you may be asked to leave.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,
FED Management