About FED

FED BY WATER™ is a brand new concept restaurant offering authentic, traditional Italian cuisine with the objective of bringing the nutritional importance of pure water to the public conscience.

FED promotes a new alkaline Mediterranean diet that encourages healthy living and vegan lifestyle while also appealing to the most discerning foodies!

We believe that it is time for a revolution in food culture and that our focus needs to be realigned to consider the nutritional factors, health implications and environmental impact of what we put into our bodies.  Our concept is not tokenism.  The intensity and pace of modern living, along with its countless distractions has brought about a culture increasingly demanding of instant gratification. This means that we continually and unknowingly forsake the quality that is the basis of a good life. This quality is born from simple things; and fundamental to everything is water; not least the human body.

Our bodies need a regular injection of pure water to function properly; this is the very essence of our health and the basis of a strong body and mind.

Quality begets quality and without a pure fundament, you cannot expect a pure whole. This is why all of our produce is created with pure water as its base ingredient.

We are driven by our holistic ethos towards gastronomy and that includes environmental sustainability. Wherever we can, we source our ingredients locally; ensuring that our carbon footprint is kept as low as possible. Another factor of local procurement which is equally as important to us is the support of local businesses and thus economic sustainability.

However, as we are committed to offering the most authentically delicious Italian cuisine, some of our ingredients are shipped from Italy -  the only place in which they are produced. These are ingredients that we have grown up with; cultivating an understanding of how to incorporate them into the generation of our products.

Excitingly, we are only just getting started and will continue to evolve and develop, thanks to the inspiration provided by the wonderfully cosmopolitan community we inhabit here in Dalston.

This is FED, a project that aims to regenerate the basic values of human being;  allowing us to take in the beauty around us. Health is the key ingredient; we want you to enjoy it to the full.


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