About YOU


We know you as much as we know ourselves – because we are made from the same stuff as you!

You are between 50 and 75% water and need a regular injection to stay healthy and maintain your cognisance.

You may be dehydrated more than you think; there is currently an epidemic of chronic dehydration. 1% dehydration can impair physical and mental performance. There is no better way to hydrate yourself than with water. Our pure water is free from all of the contaminations found in tap water and some bottled water including fluoride, aluminium, DBP’s, chlorine and even prescription drugs and arsenic.

You will benefit hugely from consuming food and drink containing the purest of water; fewer toxins will be created within your body and those remaining toxins can be flushed away by drinking pure water.

You will benefit from eating organic and vegan foods because pesticides put a massive strain on your organs.

You will consume more nutrients if you switch to an organic diet. Recent research suggests that organic fruit and vegetables contain up to 50% more antioxidants than their non organic or GM counterparts; as well as more vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc.

We are striving for a health conscious, toxin free, vegan lifestyle; a sustainable epicurean approach to eating. We are constantly in search of top quality ingredients; allowing us to provide you wholesome, delicious food and drink at a reasonable price and at your convenience.