FED BY WATER™ is about INNOVATION. By equipping our premises with innovative active carbon filtration technologies, we are bringing a new way of experiencing water to London. 

Of course, we care about purifying the tap water we drink; but equally as important to us is the purity of the water we use to prepare our food and drink. By having pure water as the base of all of our produce, we are able to serve a mindful community, in search of high quality gourmet and delicatessen aliments, safe in the knowledge that we are satisfying their taste buds and their body’s health needs in equal measure – all at a reasonable price.

FED’s filtration system is based on an active carbon filtration which removes impurities like lime scale, chlorine and unwanted bacteria, while retaining the minerals and nutritional elements present in the water. This boosts both the quality and health benefits of our juices, coffees, teas and all of the food we produce.

FED is also about sustainable living – caring about the environment is part of our ethical constitution. We minimise the use of plastic bottles by refilling existing ones; or by filling brand new recyclable bottles which we sell at the premises. Besides the convenience and cost benefits of this practice, we are also aiming to play our part in the reduction of London’s plastic wastage.