Italian-crafted artisan cheese.

Locally produced in Hackney. Plant-based. Sustainable. Healthy.

Yes, we produce all our plant based cheese and cold cuts in house, selecting the best ingredients and voiding any kind of chemicals, literally like nature intended.

Watch this space as we update our selection regularly and very soon these products will be available to be bought directly from this website. Meanwhile feel free to call the restaurant and order your takings!

MOZZARELLINA (semi-hard) 200 gr.  £ 4.90

(Allergens: soya, garlic)

BURRATINA (semi-hard / soft) 220+ gr.  £ 7.90

(Allergens: soya, cashew nuts, garlic)

RICOTTINA – SALATINA (soft/creamy) 100 gr.  £ 3.50

(Allergens: soya)

RICOTTINA – MANDORLINA with home-made almond milk (soft/creamy) 100 gr.  £ 5.50

(Allergens: almond nuts)

CREMINO – BIANCO (Chives) (soft/spreadable) 100 gr.  £ 3.90

(Allergens: cashew nuts, chives)

CREMINO – ROSSO (Paprika) (soft/spreadable) 100 gr.  £ 3.90

(Allergens: cashew nuts, paprika)

CREMINO – VERDE (Basil) (soft/spreadable)100 gr.  £ 4.50

(Allergens: cashew nuts)


ALLORO D’ANNATA (Bay leaves) (aged) 250 + gr.               £ 11.90

(Allergens: soya, almonds nuts)

ROSSO D’ANNATA (Red wine) (aged) 250 + gr.              £ 11.90

(Allergens: soya, cashew nuts, pistachios)

PECORINO (Pitch black) (aged) 250 + gr.              £ 11.90

(Allergens: almond nuts, cashew nuts)

OLD NUTS (Mixed nuts) (aged) 250 + gr.            £ 11.90

(Allergens: walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, soya)