Italian artisan plant-based cheese

We locally produce all our products in our artisanal laboratory in Hackney, hand craft each single plant-based milk, yoghurt, cheese and cold cut. We also product and sell our bread and pasta sauces on request.

RICOTTINA – SALATINA (soft) Allergens: soya

CREMINO BIANCO – chives (spreadable) Allergens: cashew nuts
CREMINO ROSSO – paprika (spreadable) Allergens: cashew nuts, paprika
CREMINO VERDE – basil (spreadable) Allergens: cashew nuts

SMOKED SCAMORZETTA (semi-hard) 100 gr. Allergens: soya, cashew nuts, garlic

MOZZARELLINA (semi-hard) 250 gr. Allergens: soya, garlic

BURRATINA (semi-hard / soft) 250 gr. Allergens: soya, cashew nuts, garlic